The Current Price of Crawfish is: $7.75 per pound

Enjoy a Mouthwatering Crawfish Boil

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There's something about freshly prepared food that brings people together. From sumptuous flavors to irresistible aromas, it's no surprise that crawfish boils are a favorite for family gatherings. Chuck Wagon Crawfish operates a Cajun restaurant with a crawfish boil theme in Shreveport, LA.

We like to keep it simple by serving:

Boiled crawfish

Boiled shrimp




Menu Enjoy our piping hot,

satisfying crawfish boil

We season our crawfish and shrimp just right. Cleaning crawfish can be a messy process. That's why we put in the extra work to keep things clean and provide you with a great product. Our repeat customers enjoy the consistent, finger-licking flavors of our crawfish boil. We also cater large events.

Buy crawfish and shrimp at Chuck Wagon Crawfish in Shreveport, LA.

Down-home cooking and friendly service

Our owner, Chuck, started out working for the Mr. Twister fishing lure company, but he always dreamed of starting his own business. His family-owned food truck company struggled at first, but it's consistently gained in popularity. We take pride in offering friendly and attentive service. Combined with our delightful crawfish boil, this is what keeps people coming back on a regular basis.

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